About your sitting
Sitting Time
  • Arrive on time! If you’re late, it cuts down on camera time!
  • Avoid stripes & plaids! Solids photograph much better! Bring a variety of color and style, you don’t want all your pictures looking the same. Bring dressy, medium, and casual – it’s best to please Mom first, then we can get to your style!
  • We do both up close shots and full-length. Bring matching shoes!
  • As a rule, light colors do best on light backgrounds, dark colors on dark backgrounds. Bring the style you prefer, or bring both just in case.
  • Black & White glamour shots are best with black clothing. The contrast between the skin and the black is what makes them look so dramatic. Bring black – mild to wild! There’s no limit to the extreme!
  • Girls – keep in mind that if you bring in light or white pants, your underwear WILL show through, so keep the flowered or stripes at home!
  • Be careful with baggy clothes, they may make you look larger than you are. Make sure your clothes flatter you.
  • Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before the session.
  • Keep it natural. The more you work on your hair, the less camera time you will have.
  • Girls, wear a LITTLE more than your normal makeup – kind of what you would wear in the evening. Make sure your mascara is clean with no clumps and make sure you blend your makeup well on the neck line.
  • Guys, please make sure you are clean shaven if you do not wear a mustache or beard.
  • We retouch blemishes at no extra charge, so don’t fret about a minor breakout!
  • Nails DO show, so make sure they look nice. If they are chipping off or some funky color, they will show. Many of your casual shots are done barefoot, so same applies to toes. Light or natural color works best.
  • Keep it simple to keep the attention on YOU. We don’t want attention drawn to bright and shiny jewelry.
  • Let’s face it – glasses glare. If possible, remove the lenses before you get here. Some optometrists will loan you an empty pair of frames similar to yours, you may want to check with them. Do bring sunglasses if you would like to wear them in some of your photos especially outside.
Sunburn / Tanning
  • AVOID SUNBURN! Sunburn and peeling skin do not photograph well!
  • Bring them!!
  • Bring props that tell us who you are. Popular choices are: Sports equipment (soccer balls, basketball, baseballs & bats, hockey stick, hurdle, golf clubs), uniforms, instruments (tuba to rock guitar), school jackets, dance outfits, you name it!!
  • Cars or motorcycles for on location sessions
  • Pets are good, just make sure you bring someone with you that can control them while we are busy taking the rest of your pictures. You may want to bring a pet carrier and treats.
Friends or parents
  • A friend or parent is good as long as they are not a distraction. You can have a few shots taken with a boyfriend or girlfriend, best friend or sibling at no extra cost if you would like.
  • If you would like to bring a CD of your favorite music to play during your session please do so!